The Photographer DNA


Do you know your strengths?

Discover and Leverage Your Unique Abilities

as a Professional Photographer

The Photographer DNA 2.0 (pDNA) is an exercise in self discovery.

Find out your pDNA right now!

After taking the pDNA you will be given a comprehensive report both describing your unique strengths as a professional creative as well as prescribing a road map for substantive improvement.

This updated version is 25% faster, more accurate than ever and now is built for all photographers.

There’s power in knowledge.

The goal is to get a snapshot of the characteristic you currently possess that will most likely impact your potential as a professional photographer.

After taking the pDNA, you’ll be given access to a custom report built uniquely for you.

The first half of the report will give you your strengths profile as a professional creative. This establishes your personal baseline. From there, the second half of the report offers insights and practical application on what to do next to improve your capacity and grow exponentially as a photographer and as an entrepreneur.

If not now, when?

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The pDNA is included at no extra cost, with the purchase of the Fast Track Photographer book or audiobook by Dane Sanders (see below).

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