Fast Track Founder


Why would someone become a Founder?

  • Founders are the core ambassadors of the Fast Track movement. Although the benefits for involvement are significant (see below), most who become Founders do so because they desire to be at the center of the movement. Founders are looked at as leaders and are leaned on regularly for support, are first to hear about new developments and weigh-in on the future of where the movement ought to be heading. There are only 100 original spots available, over 90 of which have already been filled.

Benefits include:

  • The ability to attend any future Fast Track Photographer Workshops* (normally $750 each)

  • Unlimited access to the Fast Track Photographer Forums online ($200 value every year) through The B School including Fast Track Coaching

  • Whenever possible, we'll be sharing advance copies of new resources and opportunities to share about all things Fast Track. If you would like any particular resource, please don't hesitate as a Founder to ask us and we'll see what we can do!

*Dane will take you "under the hood" of the FTP Philosophy and help you fast track your career as a professional wedding photographer. Reservations for workshops are on a first come, first serve basis. Space is limited. Workshops will be offered regularly in Southern California and at various locations around the world. Announcement for dates and locations can be found on Dane's blog and at the Fast Track Forums

Total Investment to join is $1500.

Founding Memberships are limited to the first 100 only! There are only a few spots left.

In the future, workshops and other benefits will only be available as stand alone products and services. Start your career off right and fast track your photo life ... Become a Fast Track Founder today!