Fast Track Mentor Program


Needing serious help with your business?

Ready to expedite & maximize forward momentum?

Enroll in the Fast Track Mentor Program & get personally coached by Dane Sanders today!

In the Mentor Program you will receive:

• One-on-one coaching with Dane. Like a personal trainer in the gym, you'll work directly with Dane to create a personalized roadmap for your success.

This includes: a bi-weekly 60 minute with Dane (recorded Skype call available upon request), personalized Next Step Assignments and accountability with Dane, ongoing evaluation of your assignments via email, and the ability to reach out to Dane directly by phone and email whenever needed to get real-time help dealing with any challenges you might have along the way.

• Structured support system. Fellow and past mentees and staff are available to provide support along the way to ensure that you are able to succeed in the Program and as a business owner.

• The opportunity to become a mentor yourself. One of the best ways to learn is to teach others. You are expected to teach and lead a mentee through the same process you'll be going through. Upon request, we will provide the tools and guidance needed so you can lead others too.

Here's how it will work: After purchase, we will provide instruction on how to prepare for your first Intake Call with Dane. This first session will open your eyes to current reality with your business as well as a plan of attack moving forward. A minimum commitment of three months is expected to get the set a foundation and get the momentum you need to maximize the learnings for the rest of your career. Payments are made month to month however to limit burden and to maximize return on investment.

By the end of your time in the program you will have a clear purpose of your vision as a photographer, a tangible set of strategies and tactics to make that vision a reality and will be well on your way to a stable, thriving and purpose-driven photography business.

Dane Sanders reserves the right to refuse business to anyone and may refund money and deny service to anyone at his discretion. All consulting fees are non-refundable. Missed consultations are non-refundable. Please verify your schedule before confirming your date and time. By proceeding with your purchase, you agree to these terms.

*One more thing...
Upon request, those actively subscribed will also receive the following bonuses completely FREE!
The Fast Track Photographer Audiobook
The Photographer DNA Assessment Tool (pDNA)
The Fast Track Strategy Pack

Combined, that's $134 in bonuses alone and should significantly complement the mentoring process.

This level of personal coaching with Dane has to be limited because it is so time-intensive. As such, there are a very limited number of people that can participate. If interested, we encourage you to confirm your spot today.

References from past graduates available upon request!