The Business Stress Test


If your business had a report card,

what would it say?

Find out right now!

The Business Stress Test (bST) gives you the keys to take your business to the next level.

Find out your company’s bST immediately!

After taking the bST you will be given a comprehensive report both describing your unique strengths as a professional creative as well as prescribing a road map for substantive improvement.

You know your business is more than just your balance sheet and profit/loss statements. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a body scan of the inner workings of your business, beyond just your financials.

Our belief is once you’re clear on what you bring to the table, it’s time to assess the health of the business you’re responsible to lead. The bST is engineered specifically to look at your business from an objective point of view.

Your business deserves it!

As the chief officer of your business, taking the bST is a bold choice to get real with the critical areas of your business, by means of intensive and thoughtful questioning, in order to discover what can be done to improve things.

In this way, the bST is like taking your high performance automobile to a mechanic to see what needs to be adjusted to tune it to peak performance.

When you’re done, you’ll have a descriptive report on its relative health across several key metrics. Even more importantly, it offers a prescriptive report on where to go from here and how to get there.

Give your business the support it needs!

Get the bST for free!
The bST is included at no extra cost, with the purchase of The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan.

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